She Loves Cake Wax Bakery Scent Descriptions

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Apple Bloom: Ripe strawberries and tart green apples topping a mountain of marshmallow fluff.

Beachside Carnival: Fresh ice cream scoop bread and handfuls of crunchy caramel corn with just a hint of salty sea air.

Breakfast At Cherie’s: Rice krispie treats, captain crunch, and fruit loops are surrounded by creamy sugared milk.

Cloud Cakes: Angel food cake slathered with grapefruit compote.

Lavender Daze Cake: Delicate angel food cake swirled with streaks of purple lavender.

Mallow Lemon Danish: Fluffy mallow is layered inside and on top of soft, fresh lemon danish.

Mallownillamint Brownies: Chewy, fudgy brownies iced with mallow and crushed candy canes.

Mallownillamint Cuppies: Homemade vanilla cupcakes topped with mallow and crushed candy canes.

PB&J Cookies: Crunchy peanut butter cookie sandwiches with fresh strawberry jam filling.

Pinkie Pie: Pie crust overflowing with rivers of marshmallow fluff and succulent red strawberries.

Prince Bluemane: Crunchy butter cookies and blueberry cobbler are held together with a big helping of toasted marshmallows.

Prince Marmalade: Sugared butter cookies are sandwiched together with apricot vanilla and topped with marshmallows.

Princess Autumn: Zucchini bread filled with crunchy sugar cookies and frosted with toasted marshmallow.

Princess Celestial: Delicate birthday cake with fresh strawberry filling and an angelic topping of the sweetest marshmallow fluff you can imagine.

Smells Like Home:┬áMom’s amazing homemade wheat bread slathered in fresh strawberry jam.

Spring Wedding Cake: Sugared lemon and raspberry layered cake.

Sugar Frosted Lemon Cookies: Lemon & almond cookies and buttercream frosting.

Summer Lemon Cake: Berry vanilla sugared lemon pound cake.

Zucchini Bread Brownies: Homemade zucchini bread & fudgy brownies.