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Each scent will have 3 Battle Stars weighing roughly 0.9-1 ounces total with 9 different fruity house blends.

Scents include:
Kevin the Cube: Sonoma Grape, Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher.
Butterfly Effect: Blueberry, Lemongrass.
Floss: Cotton Candy, Blueberry.
Default Dance: Dreamsicle, Vanilla.
Orange Justice: Orange, Pomegranate.
Boogie Bomb: Strawberry, Lime.
Slurp Juice: Blueberry, Fruit Slices.
Chug Jug: Pina Colada, Coconut.
Shield Potion: Green Apple, Violet Sugar Petals.

===All items have been stored well in Polypropylene #5 plastic bags, in a temperature controlled, area away from sunlight, heat, and humidity.===

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Weight 11 oz
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