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Pallomancy is one of many forms of divination via the use of a pendulum or any kind of weighted item. It is hung from a fixed point so that it may freely swing back and forth, diagonally, or in circular motions used for answering yes or no questions. Divination using a pendulum has been used for thousands of years, in many cultures including the Ancient Egyptians, the Romans and also in Chinese culture.

How to get started

All of our stones and pendulums have been charged by placing them in sea salt under the Full Moon and cleansed of negative energy with a smudge ritual using our California White Sage sticks.

Get into a proper position.

You may stand, but it is easier to sit. Unfold your arms and legs, and rest your elbow on the table. Sit up straight, and get into a calm state. You may meditate if you like.

Calibrate your pendulum.

To calibrate your pendulum simply means you’re checking it to see how it’s working. To do this, hold it by the free end of the chain so that the weighted end is loose. Make sure you keep it perfectly still. Ask a simple Yes/No question to which you already know the answer is Yes, such as “Am I female?” or “Do I live in California?”

Keep your eye on the pendulum, and when it starts moving, note whether it goes side to side, forwards to backwards, or some other direction. This indicates your “Yes” direction.

Now, repeat the process, asking a question to which you know the answer is No. This will give you your “No” direction. It’s a good idea to do this a few times with different questions, so you can get a feel for how your pendulum responds to you. Some will swing horizontally or vertically, others swing in small or large circles, others don’t do a whole lot unless the answer is really important. Once you’ve calibrated your pendulum and gotten to know it a bit, you can use it for some basic divination.

Begin to ask it simple questions that you know the answer to.

This includes questions like “Is my name…” or “Am I am Female?” If your name is that, then the pendulum will swing in a yes direction. Same if you were a female.