Information of our products and materials

What are our products made from? Here’s the details and why we use them.


Soy Bean Wax: Our Soy Bean Wax blend contains over 50% Soy wax & food grade wax.


Zinc Core Wicks: Used for stability.
  • Lead has been known to be harmful to your health as far back as the 1970s. Astonishingly, lead cored wicks weren’t banned in the US until 2003 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Many candles made overseas in China and Taiwan, that are shipped to the US, may have lead core wicks. Avoid dollar store candles and votives for this reason! Buy from trusted companies.
  • Metal cored wicks are primarily used for stability in the wax pouring and setting process.
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Metal Containers: Tin plated steel.
Color: Our wax melts are colored with 100% Non-toxic Crayola Crayons.
Premium Grade Fragrance Oils: This type of oil is synthetically made. Yes, yes. I know! “Why not use eco-friendly Essential Oil?” Here’s why.
  • Synthetically made oils replace diminishing supplies of natural raw materials.
  • Consistent quality.
  • Affordable.
  • Essential Oils endanger over-harvesting of natural resources such as hardwoods like sandal and cedar.
  • Heavy use of natural resources can create an imbalance in the environment for types of essential oils that are extracted from “non-renewable” resources.
  • Not all processes of extracting essential oil are natural. Some use chemical solvents.
  • Many essential oils are produced overseas. Fuel used by flight or sea counter balances any advantage essential oil has in terms of environmentally friendliness.
  • Up to 100 pounds of plant matter can be used to make 1 ounce of essential oil.
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Premium Grade Fragrance Oils: Made with the same great scents as our candles.

Di-Propylene Glycol – DPG: An odorless and colorless solvent used for making incense, burning oils, and body oils. It is the industry standard and is non-toxic and safe for wear on the skin. It slows down the burn of the incense and helps the incense stick absorb the fragrance oil. This is known to cut down on the black smoke that is emitted from incense.